I Am Sorry. It’s A Girl…Again

The Nurse came out of the ICU, smiling. She was holding a baby in her arms. The nurse went to the man standing outside and said, “Congratulations Sir, It’s a girl.”

The face of the man turned expressionless. He looked at the baby and thought how unlucky he was. After 2 years and 3 abortions, his wife had got pregnant again. Their first child was also a girl. And now again it was a girl. He lapsed into self-pity. He cursed his life. His wife could never become a mother again.This was the last child she could bear. He felt helpless.

He took the baby from the nurse and saw the girl’s crying face. She had his eyes and ears. She was pretty like her mother. But what was the point of the similarities? Afterall she was just a girl.…

His wife woke up and saw the sleeping baby next to her. Tears started flowing from her eyes. She kissed the baby and thanked God for giving her such a beautiful gift. She turned and saw her angry husband. He looked at her with his fierce eyes. He said, “You useless woman, you again gave birth to a burden. My mom was right, I shouldn’t have married you.”

The man left the room. The woman couldn’t stop crying. She hugged the baby and prayed to God for her daughter’s safety. She knew her life was going to be tough now but she had to be strong to save her daughter’s life.

In a country like India, the birth of a baby girl is not considered as a celebration time. It is rather the time to criticize the mother of the girl for giving birth to a ‘burden’.

While the mother is held completely responsible for the birth of the girl, the father is pitied upon. He is said to have married a useless woman.

In some cases, the father is the one who kills his own daughter. He buries her in the ground or kills her in the mother’s womb itself.

And if by any chance the girl is not killed, she is  told everyday that she is a burden.

And the reason why people don’t want girls? The biggest reason is that she won’t take the family name ahead. She would get married and her surname would change. And with her, the name of the family will die. Silly, isn’t it? But this is still the reality of our country.

I wish one day people realise that girls are equal to boys. I wish they understand that girls have every right to live.Girls are in no way less than boys. Whether academics or sports, girls are excelling in every area. Then why this discrimmination?

Respect her and let her live.



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